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Park Hotel Ptuj


Hotel Park in Ptuj combines in a harmonious balance of all the experiences of the past centuries and today's modern style of the hotel. Located in the heart of the old town of Ptuj, at once the main city street, today named Presernova road. On the north side of the hotel Park in Ptuj protected by the mighty Ptuj Castle.

The hotel overlooks the South through the wonderful park called Sunset Park. Near the hotel is located has Ptuj Regional Museum and recently completely restored Dominican monastery. The building, which today houses the hotel was built on the foundations of an old Roman house and was first mentioned as such in the famous Ptuj statutes referred to in the 1513th Two powerful fire, which in 1684 and 1705 inflicted Ptuj, however, are completely destroyed the building, but the city as a whole, mainly due to the rapid restoration of the old plans, has not changed its image. The building was then also mentioned in the register of the city of 1785th. Throughout the centuries has been renovated several times, but they are all based on this renovation to maintain the architectural and archaeological particularities of the building.

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Park hotel Ptuj